Thursday, May 6, 2010

Xbox Tribute- Nail Design

So... I love Xbox and this is how much....

This is what an Xbox 360 controller looks like. I happen to think it's super cute. (Although I have the elite system, which is black, I like the white better.)

I used the cute colorful buttons as inspiration.

In order from left to right, the Sally Hanson Complete Nail Manicure colors are (420) Yellow Kitty, (430) Grass Slipper, (440) Calypso Blue, and (550) All Fired Up. The OPI color is Alpine Snow. I happen to know the Sally Hanson colors are on sale at Target right now, fyi.
 First off, I LOVE white nail polish. I think it looks really fresh and clean. However, if you are sloppy putting it on, it looks like a 6th grade girl put white out all over her nails. I recommend applying a very thin coat, letting it dry for 30 seconds to become tacky, then applying another thin coat. This will give you a smooth coat without getting to thick and goopy.
The Sally Hanson nail wands are pretty wide, so I was unsure how I was going to create a button or dot effect. I grabbed a scrap piece of paper and practiced on there. When you get it down, go right to your nails.
Since the green button is on the bottom, place the green dots near the base or cuticle of your nail.

I then went on to yellow, which is at the top. I did this so I would know where to put the blue and red later on. I also started off making dots on the scrap paper. (It's just that I really really hate messing up and having to start over.)
Continue with the blue.
As you can see, the dots I made aren't very large. I went back to round them out and make them bigger with each of the colors I used with an almost dry brush.
Cute, right? They kind of remind me of the game Twister or just colorful polka dots. Either way, this design is fun, super easy to do, and will make me smile every time I look at my hands. Go do something that makes YOU smile! :)


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