Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fabric Flag Banner DIY

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I've been loving all the fabric flag banners that seemed to pop up everywhere. I love them as home decor, in illustrations, everywhere! I knew eventually I would make my own and finally I got around to it. This is how I choose to make mine, which looks very "homemade", but that's what I was going for.

You will need:
Fabric scraps
Twisted Yarn (Ribbon would also work)
Needle and Thread

1. With the fabric scraps, cut out two of similar sized triangles. I cut mine using slightly different sizes, which makes it more crafty-looking.
2. Arrange the fabric in order that you would like them to appear on the yarn/ribbon. I used a pale color scheme and alternated yellow fabric backgrounds with white ones.
3. Decide the spacing you want to use between each flag. I left about 5 inches between my 5'' long flags. If you like the way closer spacing looks, go for it.
4. Sew by hand the flags onto the yarn/ribbon. I put my yarn in front of the flags to create a cute border on top.

5. I used thumb tacks to put my yarn into the wall just so I knew it wouldn't unravel... because the twisted ones can untwist themselves.
6. Enjoy!

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Amanda said...

I was thinking about this for my wedding! http://www.oncewed.com/wp-content/gallery/cara-james/yelow-wedding-decorations.jpg

Also, if you ever come across any cute wedding ideas in your internet enjoyment, send them my way!