Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I love Lucky Magazine

I love magazines. I don't know what it is about them, probably all the unasked-for advice or the I-will-never-be-that-pretty models. Anyways, I have read a lot of them. There are a lot I don't like... like Vogue. (waiting for collective gasp....) It's just way too editorial for me and I can't relate. Whatevs. One magazine I absolutely LOVE is Lucky. It is my all time favorite girly magazine. Just using the April edition as an example, here is why I love Lucky.

The ever popular, girl-crush worthy, Zooey Deschanel is on the cover of the April Lucky. She shares what's on her Spring wish-list, which (not so surprisingly) quickly made their way on to my own Spring wish-list. Check out her choices here.

One unique thing about Lucky is how much they give away, literally! They have amazing giveaways of things you ACTUALLY WANT! $500 shopping spree to LuLu's? Yes, please! Gorgeous handbags and beautiful make up palettes? Don't mind if I do. Now, I have yet to actually win anything, (maybe I should enter more than once?) and by telling you, I am actually lessening my chances, but I love you guys, and now you are forced to love me because I told you about all these goodies. Also, they have specific deals of the day, giveaways of the day, and TONS of stuff from the magazine that are up to 60% off. Check it all out here!

sorry for the crap cell phone pic
This month also includes a feature of Aubrey Plaza, one of my favorite sarcasm pros, picking her favorite beauty products at.... wait for it... Target! What?! Was this thing written for me? I think so!

Other things you can find in Lucky:
- Clothing options for ALL sizes. From the super petite to the super-sized, Lucky is always doing features for the best clothes for your body types, and unlike other style magazines, they actually cover ALL body types.
- Affordable things. We all know style magazines are ridden with expensive goodies that have us drooling over things we could never afford, but Lucky actually includes cute and affordable items! A Sonia Kashuk (one of my favs) make up palette is going for 20 bucks! Check it out here! It's too cute!
- Great ideas for hair, make up, clothes, and fabulous editor picks! In fact, Anne Kwon, fashion director of Lucky, picks the most amazing items and I have loved each and every one of her picks for the last few months.
- Classic style icons! Each month, a reader submission is featured on the last page of the magazine showing a picture of their mom and how she is a style inspiration.

I know I have gone ON and ON about a silly magazine, but I really love this and I have a feeling some of you will too. It makes me happy seeing this in the mail and I keep it in my purse almost all month and reread it again and again. Maybe you can pick one up and maybe YOU will have a new favorite!

Even though it may seem like this, I am in no way affiliated with Lucky Magazine, I'm just a huge geeky fan! Also, all images, unless otherwise noted are from luckymag.com. Thanks for reading!

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