Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Break : in the car

At lot of my days are spent in the car. I think I live in a very pretty area and I don't mind driving. I just hate bad drivers. Also, don't worry about that last one, I was parked.

I used to edit these pictures. I lost a lot of the quality (I took these with a dslr) but I like the colors and I suck at editing pictures. Do you think it's worth it?


Caitlin said...

Love the key photo especially. :) In terms of editing, if you have Photoshop, you can download free Photoshop Actions. Basically it tells Photoshop to do specific actions on a picture to make it look a certain way. :)

katie said...

They've got tutorials online about how to edit photos to look like that in Photoshop, then you won't lose the quality. Although I'm not sure what you'd search for?