Wednesday, September 28, 2011

newfound favorites I

I've been really consumed with caring how many views my blog was getting and I realized that was really stupid. Like... extremely stupid. I'm not running a business or trying to sell something, why do I care how many people view my weird blog? (I do realize it's pretty weird to post about New York Fashion Week and First Person Shooter video games on the same blog.) I started doing less personal posts, then really personal posts, and posts I probably wouldn't want to read myself! So, I took a step back and asked myself: Why do I have a blog? I like sharing things. So, I have come up with a feature, like many other of my favorite blogs have, about sharing things I have found online. I love those posts on other blogs because I get to see what people like and learn new things. This feature might be weekly, we will see, but it definitely will be a jumble of all my interests, thus directly reflecting how weird I and this blog truly are. Without further ado, I give you (dun dun DUN)...

1. One of my favorite websites to peruse is Asos and they are having a 48 hour sale on lots o' goodies. Checkitoouuttt!

2. It's Sandwich Week over at Good and this is an article about how wraps are the WORST! I couldn't agree more. Burritos 4 lyfe. Word.

3. You know I can't do one of these without putting a video game in here. Graphics for games are reaching a whole new level, it's incredible. I've already pre-ordered Battlefield 3. Who's gunna play it with me?

4. This Flower Wall DIY was from earlier this month but I think it's SO pretty, I had to share. Kelsie takes the prettiest pictures, I love her blog!

5. Mindy Kaling, a writer and actress for The Office, wrote this hilarious article about the chicks in chick flicks.


Carrie said...

those are all really cute!

M.M.E. said...

I love Sandwich Week! This is such a great round-up of favorites!

Caitlin said...

I'm all about more personal blogs. It's always better to be yourself :)