Wednesday, September 7, 2011

this is my dog being tortured

Not really, she just acts like she is being tortured. This is her all time least favorite thing in the world: baths. And we have given her plenty of baths lately. Why? She has fleas. Our days have been filled with pesticides, carpet powders, flea shampoos, flea sprays, a very sad dog, and a whole lot of vacuuming. She got fleas while running around the woods at the camp. Let me tell you, this is not fun, but I'm sure you could already tell by those sad puppy dog eyes that just say "help me!" Aww.


Caitlin said...

My dog also hates baths. She gets this expression like she's imagining herself in her happy place, haha!

Christopher said...

d'awwww chlooeee hahha! diggin the new layout btw. the header is righteous

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor doggy! My husband and I used to have a pug that was a bit of a freak in that she loved baths. She would even back her butt up right underneath the faucet. I think it was because she was obsessed with her "daddy" though, and she just loved being scrubbed and loved by him!