Wednesday, March 28, 2012

regret v. discipline

I've struggled with my weight before and have even written about it on my blog to make myself more accountable. But things happen. Because I use food for a crutch, when life gets hard, it has been my cushion. Since ending my marriage I have lost 15 lbs. It's been tough and there have been a few "fuck this!" days but I always get back on track because I know it's worth it. I'm worth it. I'm really excited to keep making healthy life choices and to see where they take me.

How I'm doing it:

Calorie counting! YAY! Okay, so it's pretty boring and tedious but it's working. I'm using the MyFitnessPal website and app. They have a huge food database so I don't need to enter the nutritional information of what I eat, just add them to my daily diary. The interface is super easy and it's actually a lot like the mobile version of the Weight Watchers website.

Staying motivated. When I feel down in a rut and just want to pig out, I look up success stories of people who have lost weight to keep me motivated. I know I can do what they did and it helps to inspire me to stay focused on my goal every time.

Being realistic. The truth is, I'm not going to be successful on a diet that removes an entire food group that I love. I even treat myself on the weekends, but try to keep things in moderation, and change the foods I eat for the rest of the day accordingly.

It actually hasn't been that difficult but I am sure it will start to get more and more challenging as I have less weight to lose. Right now, it's coming off and I'm happy. I have a few special occasions coming up that I'm excited to go to and I want to look and feel my best. I can't wait!

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