Wednesday, October 10, 2012

camping in woodland valley

Friday afternoon, William, Chloe, and I headed down to Philly to pick up our friend Iovanni and headed back up north to Phoenicia, New York for a weekend camping trip.

We ended up arriving in the evening so we couldn't really explore. We set up our tents, cooked some dinner, and headed to bed knowing we were pretty close to the creek since we could hear the water.

In the morning, we got to see the sun rise over the creek and see just how beautiful Woodland Valley was.

The leaves back home in Jersey were still green so it was such a treat to see all the leaves here already changing.

The camping grounds were great. Super close to a couple hiking trails and they had bathrooms.

One of my favorite things was the campfire. Here, we are toasting up some raisin bread before heading off to the trails.

Iovanni and Chloe all packed up and ready.

Taking an after hike break by the creek.

Tropical trail mix, nomnomnom.

Will and I decided to explore the road that runs along the creek.

We play a game where we pick our houses we are going to live in when visiting different areas. This was mine.

Later on it got chilly and started sprinkling but we were lucky we missed the real rain that started up on our way home on Sunday. I had such a great time, it was really nice to get away and to see how many stars you can actually see in the sky when away from the big cities. We are definitely going back to this area when the weather gets warm again and hoping to next time check out the waterfalls and take a train ride through the mountains.

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