Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Constellation Globe DIY

In my last post I had a constellation globe from Urban Outfitters and I thought, hey, I could make that. Now, this globe DIY wasn't actually supposed to be a constellation globe at first. I started the project a long time ago and hoped to do a black and white photo collage on the globe but as it turns out, making things look neat while glued to a round surface isn't the easiest task despite the amounts of Mod Podge you use... So my poor globe had been sitting around gray and unfinished until I could figure out what I would do to it. Only after posting that wishlist with the UO globe and thinking about things I could paint with chalkboard paint did it finally click. 

If you buy a vintage globe for this project, chances are it's already metal and you can skip this process. If, like me, you picked up a cheap new globe, just wet down the surface and let it sit for a bit so you can easily peel off the map like wallpaper. When it gets down to the bits and pieces, just brush them off with a wire brush... or if feeling adventurous, take the globe into the shower with you while scrubbing it with your nails for a weirdly cathartic and probably very symbolic moment. 

Yes that primer says it's for cars but that's because it's not very creative. Why just cars? Why not weirdly specific globe projects? Anyways, I primed my whole globe just to make sure the paint would have a good base to stick to since my globe is plastic. After 24 hours, you can paint the bar. Don't worry about being too messy  because you will be painting the actual globe again. Wait another 24 hours. 

I used this paint and painted two coats using a regular paintbrush. I am really happy with the surface texture, it's really easy to write on with chalk. I love my new globe and I can't wait to erase my hastily drawn constellations and put some better ones on there. 

P.S. If you go to Target to pick up chalk, I'll go ahead and save you 15 minutes of searching, it's in the Crayola aisle. You're welcome. 

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