Friday, September 3, 2010


Next week I am taking a few days off for my stay-cation! While I can't afford to go anywhere, I figure I deserve some time off. I've been working everyday for the last few months and I am ti-red! I have a friend coming to visit me and I am really excited for that! Also, my friend is having a little get together on my behalf for my birthday next Saturday. All in all, this is going to be a great month. (I suppose I am a little biased but isn't September the best?) To celebrate the coming Fall (nevermind the 95 degree heat) let's get in the Autumn mood!
Also, because it's Friday. Here's a very pretty Flash game for you to waste some time with. Enjoy! Click here!


OfficeTYPE said...

I love Fall and boy does it ever feel like it today, very cool out. :)

{eleise} said...

ooo this makes me crave fall! Cozy sweaters & hot chocolate! =)