Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hectic Holidays

I have been in such a holiday mood. I have hung up my paper garlands, put up the tree, decorated my patio with lights, and have been listening to Christmas music almost nonstop! (The Christmas music station on Pandora is awesome!) The only thing that has me stressing is the gift giving! I really enjoy buying things for people, I just want to make sure they like them! I scour the magazine racks looking for gift giving ideas but have been sorely disappointed. Why is it that magazines think it's appropriate to spend a hundred dollars per gift? It's insane! Here are some ideas (without getting too detailed, hey, I can't let people know what they are getting!) that could help you with your gifts this season.

The Paper Source has an amazing gift guide with some stuff that isn't too pricey!

I love these Matrushka Measuring Cups
and this Wall Art Calendar! After the month is done, tear off the page and fold the paper into cute pillow boxes and note cards using the instructions printed on the back!
Etsy is another favorite for buying Christmas gifts! Put those handmade goodies into the hands of the people you care about!

From typewriter key cuff bracelets,
 to super cute Scissor Charm Necklaces,
and from gorgeous watercolor prints,
to handsome Madras Bow Ties!
Other great Gift sites:
Modcloth: Cute dresses and accessories
Fred Flare: Fun stuff for both boys and girls (I love the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar)
Anthropologie: They have some great necklaces on sale!
Ebay: A great place to pick up LPs for your special vinyl lover

I hope these help. If you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comments!

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