Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I love InfoMania

infoMania is one of my all-time favorite shows, and since I don't have cable at my apartment, I have to watch it at my moms house on my lunch break. (If you have Comcast, it's available on demand. TV Entertainment < Current < InfoMania) It's on Current, which is an awesome channel that I miss dearly. Current, which was founded by Al Gore (fun fact!), has a user-generated type feel. A lot of the "pods", or clips, they play are actually submitted by people around the world talking about whatever they feel is important, like world events, new tech gadgets, fashion, and exploring different cultures. Current also has a team of amazing journalists who travel the globe searching for stories to share. infoMania is one of the weekly shows Current has that mocks the 24/7 media blitz. It's hilarious and sarcastic, and what better way for you to grasp the awesome-ness of it than seeing it for yourself? Here are some clips from the show, enjoy!

Here is a clip from the segment, "Modern Lady", by Erin Gibson.

Sergio Cilli's "White Hot Top Five"

This segment is called "Viral Video Film School," hosted by Brett Erlich, who is also the main host of the show infoMania. This is an older clip, but a goodie!

The always creepy Ben Hoffman brings you "The Craigslist Interviews".

Last but not least, here is Brian Safi in "That's Gay".

These clips are just from the segments from infoMania but there is SO much more. I hope you check out the show, if you can, but if you feel like checking out some older ones, you can find them at Hulu.

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