Monday, May 16, 2011

Yeah, we have apps too

via weheartit
For the millions of people who don't have an iPhone, but who have an equally awesome smartphone, this one is for you. I have an HTC Droid, and I absolutely love it. One app that everyone and their brother uses is instagram, which is only for iPhones. I have found picplz a perfect replacement. Take a picture, choose from some cool filters, and post it to an array of social networking sites that you can link up to your app. It's aprettycool. Here are some pictures from my gallery.

As someone with a horrible memory, I think taking pictures of your everyday life helps you remember the things you would otherwise forget in a few years. I can't always carry my d-slr with me everywhere so this is a great second option. What do you guys like to take pictures of?


Caitlin said...

UGH THANK YOU! I get to sick of developers only making apps for iPhone and I'm SO glad to find a decent replacement for instagram. We droid users are awesome too! And I lorve my HTC's been great to me! Downloading picsplz now!

The Soul Anchor said...

I have a droid and had absolutely no idea this existed! Thank you so much, it's currently downloading on my phone!

Jessi said...

Thank you!! I have an Android and am sick of all the iphone app stuff - ours are equal if not better!!

nikkibit said...

You tell it sister! I also love my droid, but I hadn't heard about picplz yet- I've been using retrocam which works well. I will have to try that one out, thanks for the idea!

Brynna said...

thanks for the heads up on this neat app!
and cute blog!