Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the uge

In the midst of making plans for my Project Grown Up, I went through a family crisis. If I DID have regular readers, this is where I would apologize for the lack of posts, but since I do not, I will instead cry softly to myself.

Kidding (kind of). So things were put on hold to deal. Now, I would get into the details, since this is my personal blog and all, but since most of my crazy drama has to do with other people, I am not sure how I feel about putting all of that out there for the world to see, for their sake. For now, I will just leave it at: stuff happened, I dealt with it and will continue to do so. Isn't this vagueness annoying? I thought so.

So I have begun my planning! Doing this research has been kind of fun, honestly. Good thing I love to read and learn about stuff. I hope you guys will enjoy my upcoming posts on the matter as well. So, I was in my room taking some "before" shots of my make up table and dresser which I will die of embarrassment from later when I post them... and I was just messing around with my camera, pretending I can take pictures. Let's over analyze them, shall we?

the fingers are not in focus, what does that MEAN? also, nice arm hair
don't wipe your screen, that layer of dust is on my mirror. i feel it adds a bit of mystery... don't you think?

i totally cleared away other stuff for this "pretty shot". ps, I found that hair band. is that gross?
the strap of the camera in the bottom right really adds to the point of view.....

Question: does anyone know why blogger always rotates my vertical pictures and is there a way to fix it? I upload my photos to photobucket but it still does it.


The Soul Anchor said...

Oh I love that paisley photo frame!

I had that issue with my pics on blogger for awhile too, and I never really fixed it, but it did go away eventually.

Amanda said...

I don't see any vertical pictures non-vertical. Or maybe I don't know what you mean. Also, let me know if it helps to talk. I can be a good listener, I swear!

Caitlin said...

Awww, those are great pictures! Sorry about the family issues, I hope everything gets resolved soon :)