Tuesday, November 1, 2011

air plants

I'm really good at killing things. Wait, that sounds pretty awful. I'm really bad at keeping things alive. Err... Okay. I have the opposite of a green thumb (a red thumb?). I have managed to keep some plants outside alive, much to my amazement, but I am sure this October snow we just had is going to mess them up. However, I have never really managed to keep any plants inside alive. I've never even given succulents a go even though they don't require much effort, that's how low I think of my plant keeping skills. When I read about air plants I thought, finally, a plant I may actually be able to keep alive. They don't need soil, only a little bit of light, and water once a week? That sounds do-able. 

These are definitely going on my Christmas list this year. All photos from toHOLD on Etsy. 

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