Sunday, November 6, 2011

treat yo self : at-home spa day

I've been pinching pennys around here but that doesn't mean I have to give up the spoil-myself-everyday lifestyle I'm used to. Sometimes a girl's just got to indulge! Here are my tips for having an at-home spa day. 

1// This clay mask is a little bit of a splurge but you get a lot of uses out of it and it makes your face look and feel amazing!

2// Break out your cute tea cups, it's time to get fancy! This IS a special occasion! 

3// Everyone loves a pretty smile and you'll love yours even more if you brighten it up a little. Treat yourself to a box of whitening strips to use while you soak in the tub. 

4// These products are nothing short of a miracle. You've never felt your hair be so soft after you use this hair mask. 

5// Not only is black tea great to sip on, but save the bags after you use them and when they get cool, put them over your eyes to de-puff. 

6// Laughing makes you feel better, so grab a book that will make you giggle. My pick is Mindy Kaling's new book.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekends! I'm gunna go jump in a bubble bath! Enjoy!

All images from their linked sources; bathtub, ocean, and bubbles pics from weheartit. 

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