Monday, November 14, 2011

with the end comes a new beginning

Can you believe it's almost the end of the year? The good thing about that is it's almost the beginning of next year! Do you know what that means? Lots of resolutions that will soon be abandoned! On a less depressing note, it also means new calendars and planners. Let's just hope you keep up your resolution to be more organized. (I may or may not be talking to myself here)  I always think these make great gifts and I may or may not be coming up with some home-made calendars as some Christmas gifts of my own. Anyways, let's take a peek at some cute calendars I have found. 

This Botanical calendar from the Paper Source is one of the prettiest! 

This All Year Round Journal has fill in the blank dates so no page is wasted!

The illustrations on this mini calendar are just too cute!

This Andy Warhol wall calendar will add some art to your "hols". Do you get it? No? Oh well.

Beautiful in its simplicity, the Look To Tomorrow day planner is sure to calm the OCD in all of us.

I love the patterns and images the Paper Source comes us with and this calendar shows 'em off!

This art-deco inspired pocket planner is full of inspiration quotes, lovely fonts, and is definitely my favorite!

Don't you agree these would make some great gifts? Which one is your favorite?

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