Thursday, December 1, 2011

a stair as a shelf

I've been trying to get more and more projects done around here since I have some time to actually get stuff done. One project that's been needing finishing was my make up table. For my make up table, I use a stair. What? Yeah. We went to The Home Depot a while ago and were thinking of creative ways to make shelving. (This was when I lived above my Mom.) We found that we could buy unfinished wood meant for staircases and hold them up with pretty wooden mounts. Here is example:

Since I didn't want my make up table to be too big and bulky, I decided to use one of these stair-shelves for the job. Of course I never really finished the project of organizing a place for everything, so this is what my make up table looked like. 

It was a mess. I cleared everything off, got rid of stuff I don't use anymore and set off to finish my make up table. 

Since my bedroom is an off-white color, the light colored wood doesn't really stick out much. I wanted a more grounded look so I decided to stain the wood a color, using paint!

After dismounting it, I had to sand off all the dirt and then wipe off all the sawdust so I can start painting.

Since the wood is unfinished, it absorbs the paint really well. 

After letting it dry, I reattach it to the wall, and organize all my products in ways where it's almost too easy for me to put things away.

You can't see it here but I have cute little storage boxes of products under the shelf. 

I even added a stripe of color to the wooden brackets instead of painting them whole. 

I love the deep color and the organization now. I do still need to seal it but I'm going to wait until the warmer months so I can do it outside. So there we go, make up table project, check!

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