Wednesday, December 7, 2011

why not?

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This morning I took a shower and got ready to walk Chloe. I saw it was raining so I decided against putting on my comfy moccasins (I'm smart sometimes) and put on some sneakers. I said forgetaboutit to taking an umbrella since my hair was already wet and we headed out. Chloe did her business but instead of heading inside, out of the cool, wet weather, we kept walking.

I said "why not?"

I'm not in a rush. My hair is already wet. I'm wearing comfy clothes and sneakers. The weather is cool but not cold, and the rain feels good on my face.

Chloe loved it. I loved it. No one was outside. It was just me and my dog, walking in the rain. 

When we finally did get home, I peeled off my wet clothes, kicked off my wet sneakers, and appreciated my warm apartment more than before. 

Sometimes it pays to say "why not?" Life is for saying "why not?" This is a reminder for myself to say it more often. 

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