Sunday, February 12, 2012

Changes, and cell phone pictures

I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me to wish me well, support me, or just offer a pair of ears for listening. I've moved back into my Mom's house, but I am lucky to have my own little apartment on the second floor of her house. I will have to get used to living with other people again, but so far it isn't too difficult. Life was rough for a while, and will probably continue to be so, but I am lucky to have great friends, family, a job, a working car, and a warm bed, so things aren't so bad. Here are some glimpses into my life:

 Those bookshelves won't be empty for long!
 Living out of boxes.
 I didn't have a computer for a while so I caught up on blogs via my Kindle.
 Back to my regular hours at work, so grateful for that!
 Hanging out with my nephew playing Gotham City Impostors. Can you tell he is a Batman fan?
 Spending time with my family; this was a Southern style dinner for my Dad's birthday. We don't usually wear cowboy hats all the time.
 Eating yummy chocolates from my friends new Etsy shop, Pavonia Patisserie.
And remembering to smile.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm looking forward to get back to blogging again and have some fun things planned. How many people are looking forward to Spring? I know I am!

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