Friday, February 24, 2012

i'm right... right?


When you're right. You're right.

Except for that second you think you might be wrong. That second is pretty painful.

My boss nearly gave me a heart attack twice this week. For those who forgot or don't know, I moonlight, or daylight... as a nanny/kid chauffeur.

You know when you wake up super early and are so exhausted you're still pretty much half asleep still? That's me every morning. I wake up at 5:30am and drag myself out of bed, going through the motions of getting ready. I get a call. It's my boss.

Here's what goes through my head: Wait. What? I'M LATE!? WHAT THE HELL!?  I check and recheck the time, in case I'm not reading it right. No... not late. Am I sure I am reading the time right? Yes. 

Then I answer. Oh, no need for me to go in today? Okay...

Skip forward to this evening. One of the kids has an obnoxiously late swim practice on Friday nights. I get a call. It's my boss.

Again, in my head: What time is it?! No, not this again. I know I pick the kid up at 9. It's not even close to 9. Relax. Answer the phone already!

Hey, boss. You're worried that we are so late, where are we? OMGOMGOMG I ABANDONED THIS KID IN THE DARK COLD NIGHT. HE IS GOING TO BE TRAUMATIZED. IM GOING TO GET FIRED! Umm... doesn't he get out at 9? (insert longest moment of my life) Oh. HAH. Yeah, it's okay, you forgot he has late practice on Friday's. Kinda scared me there... Okay, see you later.


I'm still recovering.

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