Thursday, June 21, 2012

outfitting // vertical

Outfit Details
maxi dress // forever 21
chambray shirt // old navy
leaf necklace // target
chain necklace // forever 21
bezel ring // gift (etsy)

I bought this maxi dress about 2 years ago and have barely worn it. It has a tube top and I wanted to wear it with something other than a cardigan so why not a chambray shirt? I pretty much wear them every other day anyways. I love the vertical lines in the pattern of the fabric and the colors. It's very light and flowy and perfect for those sweltering hot summer days, especially when you forget to shave your legs, amiright? 

I didn't put the details of the shoes because you can't see them. I could have been wearing curly toed elf shoes for all you know. 

PS. Yesterday was our court day and it went off pretty smoothly. Next court date's in February. It's a long process but things are looking up!

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