Tuesday, July 17, 2012

outfitting // bare

outfit details

cotton dress // old navy
clutch // asos
wooden necklace // forever 21
silver ring // flea market
sandals // old navy (altered)

I always used to be scared to show my arms. They are just one of the many things I have always been self conscious about. Because of this I have collected more than 20 cardigans. However, with age has come acceptance and I have finally started coming around to liking my body. I'm not there 100% and I'm still trying to lose weight to become healthier, but there is just no point in feeling ashamed of myself. This is me and I'm not going to feel bad about it. Plus, these heat waves we have been experiencing here in Jersey have me looking to put on light cotton clothing to be as comfortable as possible. That, or just putting on my bathing suit and jumping in the pool. Is there any better way to cool off?

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