Monday, August 6, 2012



I remember it was a couple years ago and the season was changing from summer to fall and I noticed the leaves. Obviously leaves change colors, but I asked myself, "are they always this beautiful?" That year, I realized I just started noticing things more. Of course the leaves changing is always that beautiful, it was just that I never really fully appreciated them until then. 

It's funny when you can actually see the ways in which you change. From noticing things more, appreciating things more, to changing my styles and tastes and even how I act. Usually it's so gradual that it just sneaks up on you. Sometimes you will have little reminders of the past you, things you still have that you used to like. "Oh right, that used to be me."

Growing as a person is very important to me. Lately, I've grown tired of all the clutter around my tiny place and reminders of who I was is no longer who I am. 

I am ready to let go and move on. And while it's a bit bitter sweet, I'm actually excited about it. 

This week, as I have a few extra hours off, I am going to be working on getting things gathered to sell at a garage sale, donate, and just plain toss in the trash. My goal is to keep things simple and fill my life only with things I love. 

What are some ways you have realized you've changed? 

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