Friday, November 16, 2012

on photoshopping

As people who take a lot of pictures and post a lot of those pictures on the internet for the world to see, editing is a big part of our lives. Cropping, contrast, saturation. But what about airbrushing?

After seeing this video, I began to question my own practices. Sure, that video is aimed at the obvious and  ridiculous photoshopping in ads but what about "everyday" images. Pictures of girls showing off their outfits fill the blog-o-sphere and there are pictures that are clearly edited.

How much is too much? Is it inappropriate to airbrush your skin so your pores look smaller and is it different if you're altering a friends image? What about teeth whitening? When does editing for aesthetic purposes turn into misrepresention?

Personally, I have never altered bodies or body parts to look smaller or different, but I am willing to admit I edit my pictures in a way where I feel I look better and it makes the overall image look better. I even do this when I take pictures at family events. I am always justified it as "helping people look their best" but should I?

These are just some things I have been thinking about and I'm not even sure where my view on the matter stands as of now. As women (or men) and avid users of the internet, I would love to hear what you guys think on the matter.

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