Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project Grown Up: moving that body!

Since I have a blog, some of my failures are documented. Like the time I "committed" to changing my life and getting healthy once and for all. Yeah, not so much. It worked well for a while, and I lost some weight, but I have actually gained it back and then some. I figured out what happened. The change I made was too drastic and too time consuming to keep up with. Also, when it comes down to it, I love food too much. I'd rather not eat anything than have to eat cardboard disguised as bread. Bread is a delicious, soft, squishy piece of heaven and those healthy, one point, made of recycled newspaper and bird seed type breads should be illegal, honestly.

Anyways, I still want to lose weight. Since my schedule has changed up, I am finally getting a full nights sleep on weekdays. Also, my back, which battled sciatica, won and is finally better! I have started taking Chloe on longer walks AND thanks to one of my favorite blogging girls, Moorea Seal, I was introduced to a fun exercise plan! The following plans are from Downtownn which gives tons of healthy living tips. I'm hoping these add-more-as-you-go plans will be easier for me to complete and stick with long term.

I'm going to print these out and follow along. Here's to hoping exercising can be something I learn to enjoy!

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The Soul Anchor said...

I SUCK at this. Seriously. I'm awful at being consistent when it comes to exercise and eating correctly. Good luck, I hope this works for you!