Sunday, January 1, 2012

my makeup routine (with curls)

I've always liked learning about what girls carry around in their purses, what kind of gadgets they use, and what their makeup routine is. I guess I'm pretty nosy. When a girl raves about a product, I'm usually writing it down on my shopping list mid-story. It's the best way to learn about new things or techniques. So, when doing my make up last night for New Years, I thought I could take some blurry cell phone pictures along the way and share what my makeup routine is. I definitely don't do this everyday. This is my "it's a special occasion" routine, otherwise it would take about 5 minutes. This took about 15 minutes if you don't count the time it took the curlers to heat up. Oh yeah, this one is with curlers cause I'm fancy like that.
I have really blotchy skin with a lot of redness and dark skin around my eyes. I wear make up for 2 main reasons. 1) To even out my skin tone so I don't look undead and 2) I have big eyes that look creepy if I don't have eyeliner or mascara on them.
Step 1: I decided it would be nice to have some soft curls for the evening and since I am too lazy to use my curling iron (it takes me forever!) I decided to heat up my curlers. It actually works great on time to roll up your hair and then do your makeup and then you're hairs all curly 'n stuff. My hair is really thick and naturally straight/slightly wavy so it's not the best at holding curls. Starting at the top of my head, working down, I comb out each section, spray it with hair spray, and then roll it in the curler. If you have never tried curlers, it's really easy. Believe me when I say this: If I can do it, you definitely can.

Products used: Curlers (Conair from Target), Hairspray (bigsexyhair), Comb (it's just a comb. you gotta have one.)

Step 2: I could probably use concealer on my eyes but I really don't like using the stuff. It's really thick and heavy and my foundation does a good enough job for me. I dab some foundation onto my face using my fingertip under my eyes, on my nose, cheeks, jawline, and forehead. I then buff it out using this wide brush. I feel like it blends better than using a sponge. I then use some bronzer, which you can see from the picture I need to get more of, in the shallows of my cheeks to contour them. I think it helps me look less like a chipmunk.

Products used: Foundation (Loreal True Match in Natural Buff n3), Bronzer (Nars in Laguna), Blending Brush (from Target, seriously, I love this brush), Blush Brush (Sonia Kashuk from Target) 

Step 3: For my eyes I used my brand new eye shadow palette. If it looks familiar, I had it on my wishlist post and got it for Christmas, thanks Colleen! This palette is perfect for me because it has so many neutral shades AND has instructions for 3 different eye shadow combinations inside including A Softly Contoured Eye (the one I used), A Wash of Neutral, and the Smokey Eye. As stated above, I used a medium shadow on my eyelid, a darker shadow in the crease of my eye (more focused towards the outside) as well as a little under my eye along my lash line, and a light shadow to highlight the brow bone and a little on the inside corner, near the tear duct. It might sound a little confusing but the palette has pictures and numbers and is super easy to use. I highly recommend it. I used some of the lighter shades because I didn't want it to be too dramatic.

Products used: Eye Shadow Palette (Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral 02 from Target) Shadow Brush (Sonia Kashuk)

Step 4: This is pretty self explanatory. I always get eyeliner and mascara in Brownish-black because I find it less harsh than pure black products which look really unnatural to me. I line the top inside of my lid and 3/4 of the top lash line. I feel like it makes my eyes look bigger. Also, the liner spreads to my lower lid just by closing my eye and it's just the right amount, otherwise I put on way too much and look like a 14 year old regular at Hot Topic. Then I curl my lashes and put on 2 coats of mascara. I have tried tons of mascaras and usually try a new brand every few months or so but they all do about the same thing, it's hard for me to tell the difference. However, you can see my mascara has a brush from a different brand. I just liked that brush better.

Products used: Eyeliner (Maybelline pencil in brownish-black), Eyelash Curler (Sephora), Mascara (Maybelline Volume Express in brownish-black)

Step 5: These are just the finishing touches. I apply a little highlighter to the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones. I then brush out my brows and fill them in a little using some eye shadow. (Always use shadow a little lighter than your brows otherwise it will look too harsh.)

Products used: Highlighter (Philosophy in Grace), Blush Brush (Sonia Kashuk), Brow Brush (Sonia Kashuk), Eye Shadow to fill brows, Eye Shadow Brush

Step 6: After the 15 minutes of doing my makeup, I took out my curlers, and brushed out the curls using my fingers. I then put in these cute glittery bows and sprayed my hair all over with more hair spray.

Products used: Bows (Forever 21), Hair Spray (bigsexyhair)

This look is more focused on my eyes and since I naturally have a lot of color in my lips, I don't usually wear lipstick. But yeah, it's pretty natural looking and doesn't take that long but it's more effort than I put in day to day which is basically just foundation, eyeliner, and mascara.

I'd love to hear what some of your routines are! I don't use concealer or primer. Are there some things you never use or always use? Tell me, I'm nosy!

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