Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a girl on games // a look at minecraft on xbox

Minecraft, a sandbox game of box placing to build whatever your heart desires, has been out for years on PC. It was only in May of 2012 that the game was released as an arcade game for Xbox Live. Since then, Xboxers have been building whatever they could imagine. While the PC version already has the creative mode and tons of mods, the XBLA version is still very basic. (There is a patch coming for Xbox for this mode but the date is still unannounced. The patch is also going to include more than 40 skins for your characters.) You could literally spend hours building villages, treehouses, towers, and elaborate mines to your heart's content but then what? Show it off! I'd love to go see what other worlds people have built. Here are a few examples with some hilarious commentary courtesy of XBLAFans.

Though extremely simplistic, the game is addictive and fun and even Josh, my 4 year old nephew loves it.

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